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“Time And health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”  Denis Waitley

Health and happiness are tightly woven together.   People who exercise are going to benefit from the post-exercise benefits for as much as 12 hours according to an  article in U.S News and World Report.   Twelve hours of positive benefits from moderate exercise (20 minutes) per day helps increase brain mood, or happiness.

How much exercise are you getting on  a daily basis?

Another important factor is sleep.   Regular, routine sleep of 7-8 hours.  That makes a big difference.   People with adequate sleep experience less stress and are able to handle stress better.   The Huffington Post gives 11 reasons why sleep is beneficial.   Creating new sleep habits, having regular times for sleep will provide long-term benefits.   Instead of reading one more email, watching one more movie or doing one more extra thing at the end of the day, stop and go to bed instead.   Getting the sleep you need will have long-term and short-term benefits and will improve your happiness as well.

How much sleep do you get each night?

Finally, diet.   How many times in an average week do you find yourself at the counter of a fast food restaurant and most food chains qualify as fast food?   In the US obesity is an epidemic.   Cheap high calorie food for those who sit more at work and at home is contributing to increases in lifestyle diseases such as type II diabetes.   In one report it  is estimated that the current generation of kids  is likely to have a shorter lifespan than their parents, reversing a long trend of longer lifespans.    Eating cheap, available high calorie foods is not helping our kids, our families or our health.   It may be convenient to stop and get a quick meal in the rush to cram a little bit more into a day, but eventually there is a high price to pay, and that will be quality of life.   Lifestyle diseases are not easy to or cheap to fix.   It pays to spend time preparing and eating healthy meals.

How much fast food is in your diet?

Health is a choice, getting 30 minutes of exercise per day, getting enough sleep per night and eating the right foods are all choices people make.   Some people make those choices without thinking about the long-term consequences of those choices.

Being healthy leads to greater happiness, and it also leads to a higher quality of life.   Think about your health habits, what could change to make your life better?

make your life count …

“In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”  Theodore Roosevelt

There are many, many people who are just sitting on the sidelines of the game of life.  They sit there worried about the future and what it will bring and going back to yesteryear, back to the times when it was better.  Was it really better?

There is an “entitlement” mentality that is invading the minds of far too many people.   That is the belief that they should receive something without having to pay a price.   Take for instance personal development, that is education outside of formal institutions or beyond what was taught in high school or college.    There are people who believe that once you have gotten a degree that your need for further education is done.

With the advances in technology (technology is driving a lot of change in the world that is impacting everyone) no career is without need to advance personal and professional skills.   Some people believe that if training is needed the company they are working for should provide it.   That notion is no longer true.  To stay ahead of the technology and change curve everyone should invest in themselves and add to their value.

With the speed of change there are other issues that people have to work on and that is themselves.   There are all kinds of things that are changing, things that are outside of individual control and that often increases stress in a person’s life.   Stress is an epidemic.  You see it in eating habits, you see it in relationships, you see it at work, you see it just about everywhere and it is very destructive.

The number one cause of death in America is unhealthy eating habits.   Unhealthy eating is the reason that so many Americans are overweight (not just a few pounds overweight but way overweight).  Being overweight creates a huge health risk.   There are those who would rather face surgery, take drugs (the pharmaceutical industry loves people who buy weight control drugs) or doing anything but eat less and more healthily.   The food industry has found ways to make food very cheap and at the same time very expensive.   Trading cheap calories today for doctor bills tomorrow is the path many people are on.

What should be done?    Stress can be reduced by:

1. Eating healthier and less

2. Exercising more (even for short periods of time, activity matters)

3. Get the proper amount of sleep

4. Start preparing for your future, study, develop yourself so that you are prepared for the coming changes.

5. Find ways to eliminate stress.

6. Do what matters most to you.   Find your strengths and start using more of them daily.

Don’t get caught in the waves of change.