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I don’t need help …

“No matter our talent, we all know in the midnight of our souls that 90 percent of what we do is less than our best.”
― Robert McKeegoldsunise-2

Are you doing your best?  Are you the best performer at work, at home or wherever you are?  Maybe you don’t have to be the best.  Maybe you can get by with what you are doing now.  Maybe you don’t have to expend the energy to do better or be better.  However if you do want to be better, how are you going to do that?

The vast majority of people have a lot of untapped talent they could use to do things better, to live life better, or to contribute more, or to be a better person and they don’t do anything about it.   “I don’t need help …”  might be their inner mantra.  I don’t need any help to be better.  I can do it myself.

Most top performers realize that reaching their peak performance does require some outside assistance.   It is about breathing air into an aspect of life that has been left untapped that can result in a new level of personal or professional performance.  Maybe it is eliminating some hidden fear that keeps the person from realizing their full potential.

Have you asked the questions, “What would it be like if I could be just 4% better than I am now?”  What would that be like?  What would that mean to future opportunities or more personal happiness?   The default future is yours if you want it that way.  The created future, the exciting, bold rewarding future is yours as well.  Which path do you want to travel?


mediocre me …

“People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.”
Andrew Carnegie

mediocre – lacking exceptional quality or ability; “a novel of average merit”; “only a fair performance of the sonata”; “in fair health”; “the caliber of the students has gone from mediocre to above average”; “the performance was middling at best”

Maybe you know someone that lives a life of mediocrity.   What has that life brought them?   Is the mediocre life the kind of life that you would want to live?

Take a look at mediocrity, is this what you want?

People what to live extraordinary lives and at the same time rarely take the steps to live outside of mediocrity.   Think about the tons of self-help books that exist and the tons of self-help programs that are available and think about the vast ocean of self-help CD’s.   People buy the programs, read the books, listen to the CD’s and return to mediocrity.   What are you doing to live a life that is beyond mediocrity?

When was the last time you talked to someone who would work with you to move towards an exciting, positive rewarding goal?   When was the last time you took your life seriously?

What can you do to move beyond mediocrity?

1. Turn off the TV.  There is nothing on TV that adds value to your life.  What is there subtracts value from your life. 
2. Get the right amount of rest.   Get 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  Sleep is necessary to be fully alive during the day, mentally and physically alive.
3. Start exercising.  Even if it is just for a few minutes get out and start a regular program of exercise.  Find someone who can exercise with you if exercising alone isn’t your thing.   Moving is important for mental and physical capacity.   Life is stressful as it is and exercising is just one way to lower the stress.
4. Eat the right foods.   So many of the problems people face today are lifestyle choices.   Diabetes is a lifestyle choice for the most part.   People can either choose to eat low cost high calorie diets or they can choose to eat foods that are healthy. 
5. Create a plan for your life.   Mediocrity stems from drifting through each day.   There may be a goal but in most cases it is just getting through today and then doing it over again.  It is no wonder that people are “checking out” and finding TV as a way to get away.   Create a plan and start working on those goals.   Start with a 5 year plan and define what it is and where you want to be in five years.
6. Improve you.   Spend the time and energy to improve who you are and the skills you need to be successful in the world today.   The “old” world, the old way, are gone.   It takes new skills, new abilities and new ways of thinking to compete in today’s global economy.  Become an expert.  Sometimes it takes digging deep into who you are to find out what it is that really makes you come alive.  Find out what it is and then start moving forward.
7. Read.   Reading is an easy, inexpensive way to improve your personal results.    Start reading the kind of things that improve your value to yourself and others.

8. Get help.  Work with someone to push you towards higher levels of performance.  Doing it by yourself isn’t working is it?   Getting more out of life in this fast paced world isn’t going to happen if you have to do it alone.  Maybe a few people are able to push through the briars and thorns but most people aren’t able to move in the direction they want alone.

9.  Make the time.   So many people say, “I don’t have the time to ….” and it’s true.   There is less and less time for “you” because of all the distractions that you can sign up for.   It takes time to go to the gym, it takes time to prepare meals, it takes time to get ready for work, it takes time to do the household chores, it takes time for everything but “YOU” and “YOU” are important aren’t you?   Make the time to take the time for you.   If it is one day a week, take that time to focus on bettering you.

10.  It costs too much.   It costs too much to be mediocre?  Improving yourself, either with coaching, attending programs, and working on being excellent will improve your life.  It takes time and it might cost money.   If you can pay for cable TV, if you can pay for “extras”,  if you can pay for things you don’t “need”, then it isn’t about the costs.  It is about the priorities  you are making for yourself.

In 5 years where do you want to be?   Do you want to be living a life of mediocrity?   Make a choice and start living beyond mediocrity today.

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.   If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”  Mahatma Gandhi

make your life count …

“In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”  Theodore Roosevelt

There are many, many people who are just sitting on the sidelines of the game of life.  They sit there worried about the future and what it will bring and going back to yesteryear, back to the times when it was better.  Was it really better?

There is an “entitlement” mentality that is invading the minds of far too many people.   That is the belief that they should receive something without having to pay a price.   Take for instance personal development, that is education outside of formal institutions or beyond what was taught in high school or college.    There are people who believe that once you have gotten a degree that your need for further education is done.

With the advances in technology (technology is driving a lot of change in the world that is impacting everyone) no career is without need to advance personal and professional skills.   Some people believe that if training is needed the company they are working for should provide it.   That notion is no longer true.  To stay ahead of the technology and change curve everyone should invest in themselves and add to their value.

With the speed of change there are other issues that people have to work on and that is themselves.   There are all kinds of things that are changing, things that are outside of individual control and that often increases stress in a person’s life.   Stress is an epidemic.  You see it in eating habits, you see it in relationships, you see it at work, you see it just about everywhere and it is very destructive.

The number one cause of death in America is unhealthy eating habits.   Unhealthy eating is the reason that so many Americans are overweight (not just a few pounds overweight but way overweight).  Being overweight creates a huge health risk.   There are those who would rather face surgery, take drugs (the pharmaceutical industry loves people who buy weight control drugs) or doing anything but eat less and more healthily.   The food industry has found ways to make food very cheap and at the same time very expensive.   Trading cheap calories today for doctor bills tomorrow is the path many people are on.

What should be done?    Stress can be reduced by:

1. Eating healthier and less

2. Exercising more (even for short periods of time, activity matters)

3. Get the proper amount of sleep

4. Start preparing for your future, study, develop yourself so that you are prepared for the coming changes.

5. Find ways to eliminate stress.

6. Do what matters most to you.   Find your strengths and start using more of them daily.

Don’t get caught in the waves of change.

only if …

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”
Norman Vincent Peale

“Only if …”

You’ve heard those words from others or even perhaps yourself.   The words of “if only I did” or “if only I had” or “if only you did ” things would be better.  Those words of “if only” are words that are uttered by those who believe that they are unable to take charge of their life.   “If only”  words  are generated when there is a  dissatisfaction with the past.     “If only” is about yesterday, a moment in time that is forever gone.

While you can’t change the past you can change today.  You can start taking action on what will get you where you want to be.   Of course it would have been nice to have started yesterday but that didn’t happen.   Make today the day that you will start living fully.   Make today the last day of making excuses why you couldn’t get done what you wanted to do.

To remove the “if only” words from your vocabulary you need to set real goals for yourself.   What actions do you have to take today to get a better job?  What actions will you take today to improve your relationships?   What actions will you take today to improve your health?

“If only I had time …” said one person, “I would do start eating healthier”.  

“If only I know what I want to do can I get what I want”, said another.

It doesn’t take much to block progress.  It is far easier to sit down and take a break after all it was a hard day and “I deserve a break”.   Those small breaks become big habits.  Big habits are hard to change.   It takes more mental and physical energy to break a habit and change its course than it does to set the right course for life today.   Make today the day you will change.

“If only I could afford to … “, said one person, “if I could afford it I would do it ….”.   It is amazing what people can afford if it is important to them.   So, dispose of the “only if …” phrase and replace with “I will do ….”.  Make that your new mantra and start today.

1. Create a goal

2. Create a plan to achieve that goal.

3. Step it up … take action and make some progress each day even if it is only a little.

4. Celebrate success and acknowledge setbacks. 

What will it be, the same old excuse or will you take action today?

1.Create a personal development plan
2. Create a career plan
3. Create a financial goals plan
4. Create an exercise and fitness plan
5. Create a relationship plan
6. Create a plan for your life

What is stopping you? 

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I can seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”  Karen Ravn

What would help you most?


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start hitting home runs

“The secret to success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” Benjamin Disraeli

“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” Babe Ruth

Think about Babe Ruth’s quote for a minute, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.”,   what does that say about your life.   Each day you have a chance to hit a home run and yet for many people it is another strike, another strike and another strike.   It might not seem as if there will be any days that a home run could be hit.   What if that could change?   What if you could hit more home runs than strikes?

What is a home run for you?  

Would it be,

– A better job

– Better relationships

– Financial security

– Personal Development

–  increased spirituality

– Better relationship with friends and family

Whatever it is that defines a home run for you can be improved so that the swings produce more home runs than strikes.   How?

1. Learn what it takes to create a home run for you.  (What do you need to know or do)

2. Practice (become an expert at what it takes, develop the skills)

3.  Take action (do what you have learned and practiced)

4. Go to step one and repeat.

Now that sounds simple, too easy perhaps.   What happens is that people can read the steps and maybe jot down a few or even try it for a few days and then they give up.   Hitting a home run takes more than a few days of work, it may take a few weeks of work or a few months depending on what you are working on.   It is easy to give up.   If you aren’t taking swings there is no way you can hit a home run.   Sitting there and thinking about it doesn’t get you closer to the goal.  Taking action is required.

Having a coach might help as well.  A coach will work with you to achieve those goals and provide the encouragement and support so that you don’t just give up. 

When do you want to start hitting home runs?   Why not start today!   Why wait another minute longer to start hitting those home runs?

inside out

Personal development starts with changing the internal behaviors, thoughts and habits, and top performers recognize that it is the inside world that must change.    The world outside our thoughts, habits, feelings and desires really doesn’t care about you, it cares about itself.    Other people care about themselves that is their first and most present concern.  

Survival comes first, not second, not third but first.   When there is sufficiency to satisfy needs then the needs of others may become important.    Just look at how our society works today.    Look at the entertainment industry, which is all about making the “I” feel good.    

People in the top 3-5%, spend time developing themselves and are on the road to continuous improvement.  

How much time do you spend reading each year?

How many books will you read in one year?

What types of educational programs are you attending?

What is your entertainment vs. attainment ratio?   

Where are you investing your time, money and effort?

Focus in on the things that will help you grow and be successful over time you will be in the top 3-5%.   Success is hard work, staying successful takes even more work.

What are you working on?

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”
Jim Rohn