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your future begins here

The minute you alter your perception of yourself and your future, both you and your future begin to change. Marilee Zdenek

Replace your coulds, woulds, shoulds with “will”.    What would your statements look like if you replaced excuses for change with “I will do _____________”.

Repeat this in your mind or out loud, “My mind is always focused on the positive.”  Every time a statement that is not positive enters your consciousness replace it with that phrase.   Look for the positive in everything you do and you will find it.

Chose to be happy.   Chose to be smart.  Chose to be alive.   Chose to be active.   Chose to be friendly.  Chose to be thankful.  

Here’s one, “I commit to doing only what I can do.”   Apply relentless focus on your day, hours and minutes, make each one count and be intentional on what counts.

Change won’t happen overnight.  The words you say to yourself can change, repeat the positive and keep it circulating in your head.   It takes work and practice.

The better the attitude, the better the results.  

When will you start focusing on the positive?

my words

What are you telling yourself right now?


Are the words that you are speaking to yourself filled with hope and a better future?


Think about the words you use yourself – are they positive or negative?


You are better than you give yourself credit for.  

“Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

– John Wooden

Word shapes

Our words define who we are.

What words do you use in your conversation with others?   Do you use words that are positive, uplifting, engaging, inspiring, encouraging, acknowledging, honest, genuine, authentic, forward looking, dreaming, or building most of the time?   Do you believe that your words shape your world and the world of others?

Words that shape can be found in four domains, the domain of creator/author, execution, explanation and complaining.   Where do the words you use fall?

Words of execution are words like, “do”, “done”, “completed”, “succeeded”, “accomplished” and “finished”.  They are words of action, movement, and energy which indicate progress towards some goal.

Worlds of explanation are excuses why something couldn’t be done or finished, words like “I ran out of time”, “I couldn’t get __________”, “I had to do something else”, “It wasn’t the most important thing for me to do”, and words that offer explanation rather than action.

Words of complaint are words of blame, “it was someone else’s fault ___________”, “ they did something to me”, “it was a stupid idea”,  or  words that shift blame from self to another.

Words that are powerful are words that are creative.  Words that shape the world are your words.   If the world shapes your words then you are reacting to that which is external to you.

What type of words do you use most often?  Why?

Let your words shape the world.