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more power to you

With unemployment hovering around 10% there are plenty of unemployed people looking for work.   In a recent discussion the topic turned to “how do you get a job?”.     Of course there is the standard answer of having an excellent resume and top notch network and great interviewing skills.   Now think about that for a moment.   When you are unemployed you are selling, you are selling yourself.

In this new economy the message is if you really want to work create it and sell it as a service, become an expert in your field and build your own business.   It’s not easy to do that but then again hoping for someone to come along and employ you isn’t easy either.

More and more people are joining the contingent workforce selling their services by bidding for a job.    Because businesses of all sizes have moved away from long term employment to model of flexible employment you must become a business of one.

The idea of guaranteed employment for any length of time is now becoming less and less prevalent.   The upheaval in the workforce is dominated by economic pressures in part a result of greater competitive positions of countries like India and China.    Think of the substantial shift of manufacturing to overseas locations and now many service sector jobs are being exported as well (call centers, software engineering, electronic engineering, and more).

What would give you the most power and fulfillment in your career?