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Inspired action

In this final segment on Appreciative Inquiry we discuss the final phase called “destiny”.

Without action the dreams and goals of the organization will leave no lasting mark and without a mark no one will know what could have been. This last phase is the time where the positive energy is released in circles and waves of change. Celebration of success is followed with bursts of energy to reach the next quantum level of transformation.

The core of the change is accomplished by self-organized teams. This is in a sense is the essence of true leadership when people can come together and work towards a goal as a unit. Self-organization is at the essence an organic system that transfers leadership to and through the team. The team becomes a small eco-system capable of changing the micro-environment or even the macro-environment in which they are members.

The best leaders are those the people hardly know exist.
The next best is a leader who is loved and praised.
Next comes the one who is feared.
The worst one is the leader that is despised.

If you don’t trust the people,
they will become untrustworthy.

The best leaders value their words, and use them sparingly.
When she has accomplished her task,
the people say, “Amazing:
we did it, all by ourselves!”

Tao 17

The ability to create positive change within an organization is often the impetus to keep new teams forming to solve a new problem. AI allows the organization to continually look inward to what can be and to allow that dream to become manifest within. AI is truly a powerful technique for generating the kind of positive energy that enables, empowers and energizes the organization and its people.

Use AI in your next brainstorming, goal-seeking and substantial change project.