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It’s about time

‘Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.”   M. Scott Peck

Lost Goals

Many people are putting together thoughts about what they will do “next” year.   In January there are all kinds of plans that are set in motion and in a short amount of time the momentum has turned into a trickle of energy.    The ideas, the dreams and the thoughts of achieving something remarkable blend into the cacophony of everyday life.   The dreams fade, the goals vanish as well as the energy to make life vivid.

Fading Dreams

Why do dreams fade faster than a western sunset?   It might be all the noise that surrounds daily life.  Those little energy drainers that suck just enough out of each day that when it is time to dream and to think of big goals there just isn’t anything left.   It is those life leeches that attach themselves to our lives and continually suck the dream out of us.

Finding Energy

Distractions eat away at the energy to do what you really want to do and eventually there is nothing but distractions and there is little time for focus and doing the things that move you forward.   What are the distractions in your life?

Write down what is distracting you and rate them from 1 – 10 in terms of the energy that they take away from you.   Which distractions can you dispose of?  What can you just get rid of today?

Forget it

There is stuff coming at you from all angles.  Some of the stuff is useless and yet there may be a tendency to hang on to it.  How much of the email you receive each day is of no value at all?   More than one message for sure.

If there is no request that you have to respond to in the email message and the value of the information is low, get rid of it, don’t file it, just flush it and forget it.

File it

Sometimes there are things that are informational, that will have value in the near future.  It might be something that you are passionate about that you can use to move you forward towards you goals.   Even though the material isn’t useful for you today it could be shortly.   File those things and get it out of your mind.

Finish it

Now if you have filed or put it in the trash you should only have things left that are directly related to you achieving your goals.   Now it is time to work on those goals and get them done.  Now that all the distractions have been dealt with all you have left is you and the goal, finish it.

Do it

It does seem like the best time is the New Year to start on a getting life in order.  Why wait?   What is the benefit of waiting?   There is no benefit of waiting.  The time to take action is today, not tomorrow, not after the holidays, not later, it is today, right now.    The right time is right now.   Toss aside the excuses and engage in doing what will bring you positive results today.

Look at simpleology.com and use a tool to help you focus on what you really want.  Decide on what you want to do and start doing it.  Use a tool to track your progress or send you reminders.   Have someone hold you accountable for getting you closer to what you want.   Procrastinate not a minute longer.  Right now, take that first step and start doing what it will take to experience a better life for you.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”
Karen Lamb

Today is the day

“We would rather be ruined than changed.
We would rather die in our dread
Than climb the cross of the present
And let our illusions die.”  W.H.Auden, The Age of Anxiety

What would it be like if you could really be who you are?

It sounds like a broken record doesn’t it?   Who are you really?  Take a look in the mirror and instead of just looking at the face that looks back at you look deeper.   What kind of life are you living?   If you are like 30% of the adult population you aren’t living the life you want.   Thirty percent of adults (100 million or so people) are not living the life they want to live.   They aren’t being real with themselves.   It is easy to fall into a routine and do what you did yesterday even if it doesn’t have any meaning, doing it over again is better than not doing anything.

If life doesn’t hold much meaning, isn’t much to talk about and feels kind of blah then you aren’t doing yourself any favors.   You are just existing and life is more than just existing don’t you think?

For “most” people life is hard.  It is hard work to live life and it takes more work to enjoy it.   So what do people do, they give up when the going gets tough.  They delay decisions that would lead to a better life cause where they are at the moment is at least known, and that means there is some comfort for them.  Why not break away from the “comfort” zone and start walking the path towards the “living” zone.

Look in the mirror again and what do you see.   Do you see a fake copy of who you really are?    Who do you really want to be?   Knock off that veneer, remove the walls that surround you and really look inside, what is there?   Kind of scary isn’t it?

The remedy to living a ho-hum life is taking action.   It is breaking free of the years of excuses and “could’s”, “should’s” and “would’s” to “will” and “can”  and doing  something today.    It is hard to break free of the habits that you are so used to.  It is hard to focus on setting new goals for your life when you feel safe where you are right now.

Don’t have any goals, then create one.  Make it a big one, make it big enough that it is kind of scary to tell others, make it that big.   Then tell people you are going  to “do it”, make the declaration to do something big.   Make that change that you have always wanted to do but decided it couldn’t be done.

After you set the goal, tell everyone about the goal, then start working that goal.  The hard step, the action step, this is what people put back in the closet after a few days.  It take regular, and repeated action to achieve any goal.   If there is no commitment and action it really doesn’t matter what the goal is, it won’t get done.  Now, what are you waiting for?

New Year … new goals …

This is the time of year people start putting together a plan for the New Year.   The old year may not have been the year that was remarkable in any shape, so now, this New Year is a time to start over, start with a clean slate (tabula rasa).  

What will make this year different than the last one?    What new goals will you create and really carry out not just for a month or two but for the whole year?

What new powerful goals are you ready to put forth?   Who is going to hold you accountable for getting results?    Who will let be accountable for holding you to results?   How important are those goals to you?

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very low to none – 10 well defined and living them)

___  I am a person with goals and I sincerely desire to advance towards my goals.

___  I value learning, growing and contributing and taking action in my life.

___  I am continuously developing and nurturing relationships.

___  I believe in who I am and my ability to make positive change in my life.

____  I am willing to stop behaviors that limit my success.

____  I am confident that I can make the changes I desire in my life.

____  I am focused and driven towards my success.

____  I celebrate my successes

_____ I am loved and give love willingly.

_____ I am enjoying my life, I am happy to be alive.

Total up the number of points.   How did you do?   If you scored less than 80 then you might be feeling like there is an opportunity to live a better life.   If you scored over 80, what changes would allow you to live even a better life? 

As a starting place create a strategy for obtaining the goals you desire.   Start with a mission statement that defines what your unique purpose is.   What are you really trying to achieve?   What will enable you to sustain a passion for over a period of time?

Next define some goals, perhaps stair step goals that allow you to take the big goal and break it down into manageable pieces at a size that advances you without creating discouragement.      If the goal is weight loss do a little each week, and focus on the small step rather than trying to make the big goal happen quickly.

After you have your goals written down and well defined (what does success look like?) then define the action steps necessary to realize those goals.


Action step:  ( a small step to towards the goal)

Success is:  (what is a successful result)

Started:  (the date you started)

Realized: (the day you reached the goal)

Celebration: (what you will do to celebrate)

Accountability Partner: (Who can support you in your quest to success, someone that won’t judge your progress)

For each goal outline the steps you’ll take to realize those goals.   A popular method for creating a goal is to use the SMART process.

SPECIFIC:  What is the specific goal, so a general goal I want to lose weight needs to be defined as a number; I desire to lose 20 lbs in 4 months.
MEASURABLE:  The goal statement specified 20 lbs, so yes it is measurable.

ACTIONABLE:  It is possible to lose 20 lbs in four months, that would be 5 lbs a month, so if that is doable, then, yes!

REALISTIC:  5 lbs a month, is that something that you could do, about a pound a week.  Is that “realistic”, then yes!

TIME BOUND:  In 4 months to lose 20 lbs … that is the time to accomplish the goal.

If the Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time bound question are able to be answered with a “Yes” then the goal can be achieved.  If an answer is “No”, what would it take to make it a “Yes”.  Sometimes it requires rewording of the goal to contain measurable and time based objectives.

When you achieve your goal, find a way to celebrate that success.   Cheer yourself to greater to success.

When do you start?   TODAY … why wait another moment to live the life you been dreaming about.  Start living your life with intention, the intention of being fully 100% the person you were meant to be.

The steps

  1. Create a mission statement for your life.
  2. Create goals that support your mission.
  3. Break down the goals into smaller actionable steps
  4. Take action, start doing and reaching.
  5. Celebrate your success
  6. Grab the next goal and repeat the cycle.

Keep a journal of your progress and you’ll be surprised by how many positive changes you can make in a year.

“Goals.There’s not telling what you can do when you get inspired by them. There’s no telling what you can do when you believe in them. There’s no telling what will happen when you act upon them.”
Jim Rohn