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streams of happiness

DSC03876In Chinese literature, the Tang period (618-907) is considered the golden age of Chinese poetry. Tang Shi San Bai Shou [300 Tang Poems] is a compilation of poems from this period made around 1763 by Heng-tang-tui-shi [Sun Zhu] of the Qing dynasty.
Li Bai

Her robe is a cloud, her face a flower;
Her balcony, glimmering with the bright spring dew,
Is either the tip of earth’s Jade Mountain
Or a moon- edged roof of paradise.

Is happiness a stream of fulfilled living? For some a stream is filled with life and movement a place where life gently meanders its way through valleys and forests. For others the stream is turbulent filled with rubble and debris. DSC03704

In today’s culture most people are experiencing life as a turbulent troubled stream filled with the debris of pain and sorrow. People are struggling to find that stream that runs quietly and smoothly, a stream that gently evokes a sense of peace and calmness.

What does your stream look like?