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It is the year 2014 and you’ve suddenly realized that your life isn’t exactly what you wanted it to be.   The world has changed again and you weren’t ready again.   The peaks and valleys of the world’s economic engine keeps shifting and leaving you feeling totally unsure of what to do next.

The decisions you make today will impact how you live in 2014.  Are you preparing for the next wave of change today?   Are you seeking the way to tomorrow?

What things in your life today are not as you’d like them to be?   Which of those things is the most important to address?   It is important to identify the area that you feel has the greatest potential to increase your happiness, self-worth, self-esteem and value.   What one area in your life would you like to see positive change?

What will you do to make that area better?

Jeffrey Gitomer has a couple of hints on what it takes to become better.

  1. Define your commitment to yourself
  2. Define your commitment to others

What are you going to do to better yourself?

What are you going to do to better others?

In other words work on yourself so that you have the best capabilities you can possibly have and keep working towards mastery of the topic you choose to have the best capabilities in.    Then help others become better, help others have a better day, a better career, a better life, a better experience and greater happiness.

You can start today.  Take a look at this brief video clip on attitude.

And have a great day!