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Wall of Change

“You may be whatever you resolve to be”  General Stonewall Jackson


Change is difficult, challenging, demanding, and even chaotic.  Change is something most people resist and try to avoid, yet change is the impetus for growth and personal development.   Change is the role of a leader and everyone is a leader in some way.   Change is the mechanism by which people, organizations, states, countries and the world grows.   Growth is a necessary component for healthy living.

A leader has to be the first one to change, to absorb change, to reconcile change and then implement change.   For the followers change is often seen as a waste of time, a mechanism that breaks habits, causes stress and slows things down.    In what areas do you resist change?

In today’s world personal development is no longer an option it is a requirement.   Personal development requires change, the change from old to new habits and ideas.   Personal development and growth is a requirement for every career and every relationship.   In what areas are you developing your skills and talents?

If the ways you do things today aren’t working for you, change.  Find new ways, learn new things and begin to see life in a new light.   What areas in your life require more attention from you?