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the coach with heart

There are moments where words can not express and pictures can not show the depth of an experience.  A little over a week ago I was in Guatemala on a Compassion International Sponsor trip.   We sponsor a child in Guatemala and it was a chance to take a glimpse of a part of the world that is not often seen by people living in the US.

It was a chance to touch poverty with our hands, to see it, to hear it, to taste it and then to see how children are being freed from poverty.  

Guatemala has a lot of beauty and it also has a lot of cruel beauty.  Streams and rivers become waste dumps, the pores are filled with plastic refuse.   Garbage  is burned next to the roads.  Dogs with skin taught against the ribs pick through the smoldering remains.   Corrugated steel, rusted, bent form structures in which people gather around a smoky pit of fire to make a meal.    Floors of dark brown dirt  greet the feet of the urban visitor to one of these dwellings.

 dsc01804The children we were able to visit brought their best smiles and their expression of joy.  These children with few material things have s omething American children have lost in the midst of much. 

These children beam with joy even as they struggle in so many different ways.   Given a large quantity of encouragement and hope these same children hold the keys to a future that is free of poverty.


Children who live in poverty and who are given a chance … can change their future.  They live with courage and they live for the future.  They give freely with what they have – the love in their hearts.

The world can be transformed when you reach out a touch a child who lives in a nation where their lives do not matter.