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say yes to …

Many people live cluttered lives, not that their physical environment is cluttered but that their emotional environment is cluttered.   So many people are struggling with too much in their day and too much of the stuff that they have in their life is clutter.   It might be email, or social networking sites, or activities that provide little value and take a lot of time. 

How much TV are you watching?   How much of your time is being used up on activities that are just sucking the life out of your body.   We live in a world where there are many time leeches each wanting a bite of us and eventually there is nothing left but frustration and disappointment.   Disappointment that things that really do matter aren’t getting done.  Disappointment in a life that just seems to be slipping away.   Is that where you are?   Are you being drained by time leeches?

What do you do?  You start saying “No” to the leeches so that you can focus on those things that add value to your life.   Maybe you need more time for exercise and other things just seem to get in the way, what is more important, your exercise or the time leeches?

Maybe you’re looking for a better job and you find that there is no time to prepare for that new career.   Maybe there is no time to go to school to learn the skills needed to enter into a new career possibility.

Where does your time go?   Take control of your life and write down those activities throughout the day that are taking a bite out of your time.   Which items or activities are really adding value to your life?   How much time are you spending doing the things that really matter to you?   Schedule the “have to’s” so that you can get all of them done in one session rather than looking at them day after day and putting them back in a drawer for another day.  Tackle the “have to’s” and get them done.    Then prioritize what is left, what really matter and put that at the top of your list.   Write down your goals and post them so you see them daily, let your goals remind you of what is important and focus on those.

What can you change to get more out of your day?