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coaching, why?

When is the best time to obtain the services of a coach?   Is the best time to get a coach when things are going good?  Is the best time to get a coach when you are looking for a new career?  Is the best time to get a coach when you are already good?

The best time to get a coach is when you are ready to make a significant change in objectives, goals, performance or significance in your life.  

You could desire a change in your career, or in your personal life, or you could just want to make a quantum leap in performance in what you already are good at.   Tiger Woods the best golfer in the world made a change in his golf swing so that he would get better.   For many observers making a change when you already are the best at what you do is counterintuitive, and that is just what makes the best even better.   Lance Armstrong is the best Tour de France rider ever, yet he seeks to improve on his skills continually and he does it largely through the efforts of his coach.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the very best at what you do or you are struggling to do what you do the best you can, you can benefit from coaching.  Coaching can take you to new heights of performance, satisfaction, and success.  

Some people wonder if coaching is expensive.   The reality is the cost of doing nothing often exceeds the cost of doing something.    Coaching is an investment in yourself that pays exceptional dividends.    Coaching helps you realize your full potential.

When you are ready to make a significant and lasting change that will improve your quality of life think about using a coach to help you get the results you desire.