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What would make today scream WOW?

What gets you out of bed?

Will today be a WOW day?

What would make it a WOW day?

What areas of your life don’t say WOW?

What excites you? What revs up your engine? What makes you want to say – “This is what I am going to do.”

Have you thought of celebrating something, anything without a special reason to do so?

What stops us in our tracks?

Dennis Waitley writes from his book “Safari to the Soul”, that there are three core ingredients that stop us from making a change in our lives.

1. Fear of rejection, which is being made a fool or failure in the sight or presence of others.

2. Fear of change, which is charting unknown waters being a pioneer, breaking tradition and sacrificing external security.

3. Fear of success, which is an expression of inadequacy in feeling we perhaps don’t deserve to achieve, combined with emotions of guilt when we do better than expected.

What is stopping you? Is it one of those three things?

The great explorers Lewis and Clark traveled together for a reason and that was to overcome those three things, fear of rejection, fear of change and fear of success. Having someone share the burden lightens the personal load and makes the journey easier.

In our personal journeys who do we take along to help us lighten the burden or who do we confide in to find our true north? Who holds us accountable? Who is there to help us celebrate the risk that we just took?

“The acorn transcends its shell to become an oak.” Robert E. Quinn

Make today a WOW day

What are your plans going forward?

Do you have plans? Are you preparing for a brighter and more joyful future?

It is so easy to get trapped into a mode of complacency where the joy in life just seems to evaporate. One morning you wake up and there is no incentive to much of anything. In some cases it is the onset of what some call a mid-life crisis. Where is the desire? Has everything become so routine that the excitement of life has drifted away?

Rebuild the excitement by setting some goals for the week, month, year and the years ahead. Make them challenging enough that it takes work to achieve the goals. Start working on those goals using inch pebble measurements. Take small steps and record those steps somewhere so it is easy to monitor the progress you are making. At large milestones celebrate those successes.

Make today a WOW day.