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Limiting fear

Fear drains the energy of the human soul.  Fear kills great ideas.  Fear subdues an active imagination.  Fears sinks risk taking.  Fear stops progress.

Perhaps you have seen fear and perhaps you have experienced fear.  What did fear stop you from doing?

If fear was not a part of your life right now what would you do?

Maybe you work for an employer that rules with fear rather than with encouragement and support.   You might feel like the only way to survive is to do what it asked rather than expose your true talents and gifts.   Instead of being energized everyday at the possibilities the day could bring,  fear slips in and robs  your potential.

Have you identified your fears?

What can be done to reduce fear and perhaps eventually purge fear from your life?

If you knew you could not fail what would you be doing now?

master your attitude

DSC03557Perhaps you have heard of Wally Amos, the founder of Famous Amos Cookies.   Wally used the word Watermelon to help him navigate the turbulent waters of life.   The Watermelo Credo can be a starting point in generating an attitude that is positive.

The Watermelon Credo

W – Whatever you believe creates your reality. 

A – Attitude is the magic word.  

T – Together everyone achieves more.  

E – Enthusiasm is the wellspring of life. 

R – Respect yourself, as well as other. 

M – Make commitments, not excuses. 

E – Everyday can be a fun day. 

L – Love is the answer.  

O – One day at a time. 

N – Never give up or become a victim.

 Watermelon Credo  or a picture of the credo

Every letter in the word Watermelon represents an attitude and a choice we get to make each time we face a hurdle or barrier in our daily walk.   What can you do to take the edge off of a difficult day?

What can you add to the credo to make it your very own?



maximize your strengths

You can increase your level of satisfaction in life when you maximize your strengths, those things that come naturally to you or things that you have a strong passion for.  

Something that you are not very good at or that you don’t have an intense desire for might be considered a weakness.  You can practice and work on the skills to get better but the energy you have to put into reaching a high level of proficiency will drain your enthusiasm quickly.

The energy you have to put in towards maximizing your strengths will be small and the results will be much more quickly visible.

Marcus Buckingham, the author of “GO put your strengths to work” writes that “you will grow the most in the areas of your greatest strengths.”

If you were able to use your strengths daily and were able to maximize those strengths you would achieve a high degree of self-satisfaction in your life.  If you were able to consistently use your strengths imagine how significantly that could change your life.

Imagine doing the things you were truly gifted at – and using those gifts to make a difference.

Imagine being energized, engaged, enthusiastic, enamored, effusive, and enabled by doing what you are really good at.

If you don’t know what your gifts, talents and strengths are you need to spend a few moments asking yourself – what things do I do that puts an intense smile in my heart.  If I do what I am really good at does time just fly away?   If you can spend hours doing something that others think “you’re crazy” you just might be working on a strength.    When your life blossoms because you are doing what you love to do you are living in a strength.

Do you know your strengths?   Are you focused on building that strength daily?  If you’re not, when are you going to start?


If you are spending time chasing weaknesses hoping to make them  stronger … you might be missing out on what is really important to your happiness.

living leadership

Are you a leader?   We all are just in different capacities.

What do you want to lead?   Take a look ….

What great ideas do you have hidden deeply within you?

are you playing to your strengths?

Marcus Buckingham of “Strengthsfinder” fame has produced a short movie that helps explain why we should focus on our strengths.

What do you think?

Try this one too!

become all that you can be

“Let each become all that he was created capable of being; expand, if possible, to his full growth ….”   Thomas Carlyle

Have you found your purpose?   Where are you living out your gifts and talents?   Are you able to be all that you are intended to be?

Write down your gifts.

Write down how you are using your gifts?

If you are using your gifts are they bringing you joy?

it’s your life


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